Thomas Pashby

PHIL 22709. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics.

In this class we examine some of the conceptual problems associated with quantum mechanics. We will critically discuss some common interpretations of quantum mechanics, such as the Copenhagen interpretation, the many-worlds interpretation and Bohmian mechanics. We will also examine some implications of results in the foundations of quantum theory concerning non-locality, contextuality and realism. Prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is not required since we begin with an introduction to the formalism, but familiarity with matrices, freshman calculus and high school geometry will be presupposed. Autumn 2016.

PHIL 54410. Russell's Philosophy of Science in Context. (Grad Seminar)

We will read work from Russell's entire career with a particular focus on both his philosophy of science and the role of science (including geometry and mathematics) in his philosophical development. We will also look at his influences and contemporaries (including Whitehead, Keynes and Carnap) and at how Russell's views on causation and structuralism have been treated by more recent philosophers of science. (II) Autumn 2016.

PHIL 22000/32000. Introduction to the Philosophy of Science.

We will begin by trying to explicate the manner in which science is a rational response to observational facts. This will involve a discussion of inductivism, Popper's deductivism, Lakatos and Kuhn. After this, we will briefly survey some other important topics in the philosophy of science, including underdetermination, theories of evidence, Bayesianism, the problem of induction, explanation, and laws of nature. (II) and (B) Winter 2017.

Spring 2015 (USC)

I am teaching PHIL 385: Science and Rationality.
See here for the syllabus and here for the course website.

Fall 2014 (USC)

I taught ARLT 100: Conceptions of Space from Zeno to Einstein.
See here for the syllabus and here for the course website.

University of Pittsburgh

From 2009-2013 I taught numerous classes at the University of Pittsburgh, many of them as primary instructor.

A full teaching portfolio is available upon request.


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